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How I fix my bricked Android phone

You too get all excited about flashing some cool custom ROM, try experimenting modded apps or delete some important system files. Let’s face it, we have all been there, looking at the booting screen of eternal loop or in worse cases the black screen of death. In most cases it is not so bad if we can still listen to the beep our PC makes when we connect the phone via USB cable, which ensures that there is still hope.

Fix boot loop the quick way:

  • Pull out the battery
  • Enter Recovery mode in phone by pressing Home button, Volume up button and Power button simultaneously
  • Wipe data
  • Wipe cache partition
  • Reboot the system

Sometimes it doesn’t go into the Recovery mode and keeps on entering the loop again. So I try the Odin way.

Fix boot loop + bricked phone:

  • Download the latest region-based stock ROM on PC
  • Download Odin v1.85 on PC
  • Open Odin and select the single downloaded tar.md5 file as PDA
  • Enter Download mode in phone by pressing Volume down button, Home button and Power button simultaneously
  • Connect phone to PC via USB cable
  • Start flash

In some cases there is no fix to the eternal boot loop. Then I’m like, “Doshiooo? Wakaranai!!!

So I search and download a stock ROM with 4 parts: Bootloader, CSC, PDA and Phone with a pit file

  • Open Odin and select:
  • Pit=Pit file (uncheck re-partition)
    Bootloader=Apboot file
    PDA=Code file
    Phone=Modem file
    CSC=CSC file
  • Enter Download mode
  • Connect phone to PC via USB
  • Start flash

A new life has been blessed to the phone.
Omedetou : )


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