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Browse blocked sites on the Web

No matter in which country you are, there’s always a restriction when it comes to surfing freely on the internet. Not all the content uploaded on the Internet is available for every individual living at any part of the world (though the residents of United States suffer less as compared to the rest of the world).

There are several reasons behind this inadequacy of freedom to browse the Internet. Sometimes it is due to:

  1. browing of non-educational content in an educational institution
  2. your geographical location (probably because of an under-developed country
  3. copy right infringement of content
  4. an opposition by the government because there was an attack on the religion through any content on the Web
  5. a counter response by blocking other services due to the banning of one of its service by the government.

In any of the above situations, the wise thing to do is to sit back, follow the rules and wait until the restriction is over but sometimes these bans lasts long and you are really in need to view or use certain services on the Web that are sadly banned for you.

Fortunately, since a lot of Internet content is available in United States, the use of an anonymous US proxy in a non-US state doesn’t kill any one.

Hotspot Shield is currently the best software which provides Virtual Private Network (VPN) for free and also as a paid service if you want certain bonus features. It lets you browse websites and watch videos with an anonymous IP. It is available for both PC and Mobile. All you need to do is first download and install the software on your computer, iPhone, iPod touch or on an Android device, depending where you need to unblock Web content, and lastly connect it.

The Hotspot Shield VPN app is also available for Android and iPhone/iPod Touch/iPod. You can visit here and here respectively for more details and download.


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