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My favourite Android GB/ICS/JB apps

Previously, I shared with you guys, my favourite Symbian^1 apps on my Nokia X6 phone. Here in this post I will mention about the Android apps that are always installed in my Galaxy i9003 SL phone no matter what.

1. iQuran In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful.

This is the best digital Holy Quran that comes with the ability to both read and listen to the Holy verses. It is available in both free and paid forms. For downloading the audio files, Internet access is required.

2. 1Weather

An award winning, extremely beautiful and highly detailed weather forecasting app which is totally free of cost, although with ads. It requires Internet access.

3. AirDroid

The easiest way to transfer files from PC to phone or phone to PC is through Wifi when you aren’t feeling like using the USB cable. This free app gives you a password protected IP through which you can transfer your data on PC using the Internet connection.

4. Barcode Scanner

An efficient barcode reader which uses the Internet to search about products free of cost.

5. Boat Browser

A free, fast and great-looking Internet browser which is bundled with several useful features along with User Agent settings and ScreenShot ability.

6. Brightest Flashlight

An app that turns the screen white, for free, in order to make the device turn into a luminous source when in dark.

7. Camera360 Ultimate

An awesome free app that is filled with several filters which ensure that your pictures look more beautiful and lively than they really are.


An excellent German to English and English to German dictionary for both online and offline use. For offline dictionary, it requires Internet access to download the databases just for the first time.

9. Fast Burst Camera

A better replacement for the stock Camera app if you require to capture fast moving objects such as little kids etc.

10. File Converter

This app lets you convert your video,audio,  image, document, archive etc. files on your phone but sadly requires Internet for uploading, converting and downloading the files.

11. Gmail

The best E-mail client for any device. It allows you to sync all of your mail right into your smartphone so that you can access them from your phone any time you want.

12. Google+

Another beautiful and featureful app by Google for browsing content about your circles and hot stuff going around the world together with sharing your stuff with the whole Web or just with your people.

13. Google Drive

The formerly called Google Docs app is now upgraded and available with more features for uploading your files and stuff online and for retrieving and sharing purpose.

14. Google Talk

The text, call and video chat client by Google which connects you with your dear ones and other people  free of cost. The Talk app from Samsung Galaxy III has also been ported.

15. Google Translate

The most handy app especially when you are travelling. It can translate words into more than 64 languages for free.

16. mSecure

The best password and other secret stuff storing paid app for people who have several accounts and are likely to forget their login details.

17. My Wallet+

An easy to use finance managing but paid app.

18. NavDroyd

A great paid app which lets you browse world map offline. Although, MapDroyd is another app that does the same work free of cost, the searching and pinning your favourite location features makes NavDroyd superior.

19. Private Diary

A great alternative to the Samsung Mini diary app and the best scrapbook app in the Google Play Store that lets you store your private moments on you device.

20. QuickOffice

One of the best Office Suites available for mobile devices that lets you create, edit or view Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Pdf or other doc files.

21. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

The best and most popular scientific calculator for Android.

22. S Voice

The awesome and better alternative to Apple’s Siri app is the Samsung Voice command app which was intially released for Samsung Galaxy SIII but now has been ported to all the devices running ICS/JB Roms.

23. Samsung Memo

My most favourite app for recording quick texts on beautifully lined colourful pages. It comes as a built-in app on the Samsung Galaxy phones but it has also been ported as an individual app now.

24. Skype

An app for making voip calls for free. It lets you do video and text chats as well.

25. Solid Explorer

Probably the best and beautiful file browser for Android phones. I double like its double panel and root features.

26. Springpad

The all in one solution to storing your memories, recipes, tasks, to do lists etc. together with the option to share them.

27. Tapatalk Forum App

A time saving and easy app for browsing forums on your phone.

28. TeamViewer

The best Remote Desktop featuring app available on the Web.

29. Titanium Backup

The king of all apps which lets you make backup of your other mobile apps and later allows you to restore them in case you re-flash or format your phone.

30. TrackID

The Sony Ericsson’s TrackID app is now available for Android phones as well for recognizing music tracks for free. It requires Internet access

31. TuneIn Radio

The best Internet radio app which includes almost all of your favourite Radio stations including both local and foreign ones.

32. Twitter

The official cute Twitter client for Android devices.

33. VerbTex Latex Editor

The only Latex editing app for Android which lets you compile your articles into pdf format.

34. WordPress

A free app for blogging and browsing WordPress posts.

35. Wunderlist Task Manager

A nice paid app for adding your tasks and to do stuffs with tons of details.

36. Youtube

A beautiful app by Google for watching Youtube videos on your phone


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