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Diary and Note for CM9/CM10/AOKP/MIUI/Stock Android ROMs

In my previous post I reviewed three of my most favourite diary apps namely: Samsung Mini diary, Springpad and Moment diary. There’s another important app, Samsung Memo that I love to use on daily basis for quick note taking purposes.

Samsung Mini diary app was initially my favourite app for writing my personal logs with visualization. It was because the UI of Mini diary is somewhat similar to a scrapbook and it comes with the features like adding photo, time, date, weather etc. A bonus feature is the support to share your memory on Facebook and MySpace.

Samsung Memo app comes side by side in the list of my favourite note-taking apps with its beautiful UI and the ability to send these notes via SMS or share them on Facebook, Twitter etc.

One important feature that both app lacks is backup of your memories on phone and for recovering them back in case you wished to flash/re-flash your phone, but this ain’t a problem if you have a rooted Android phone because the Titanium backup app (requires root access) does backing up and restoring jobs quite smartly. Both Mini diary and Memo apps comes as pre-installed apps on all Samsung phones and requires the Touchwiz framework present in the stock ROMs of Samsung phones.

Unfortunately, if you prefer custom ROMs over the stock one like CyanogenMod, AOKP or MIUI, you can’t use any of these apps since there isn’t Touchwiz framework in these ROMs to support these apps. When you can’t use them then apparently even your backed up data is nothing but 4 compressed files containing gibberish stuff. In real, it is not what it seems.

The best thing to do is find an alternative diary app and transfer your data contents from Mini diary to it. In my opinion the Private diary is the best diary/scrapbook app available in the Google Play Store.

Mini Diary to Private Diary – data transfer

For transferring the data, I did the following long, boring and hectic procedure which I discovered myself. Of course there might be an easier way out too.

Step 1:

I transferred the largest (in MBs) .tar.gz file (initially backed up by TitaniumBackup on stock ROM) to my PC.

Step 2:

Decompressed the .tar.gz file by 7 zip app on PC. Found two main folders: data (containing the pictures) and dbdata (containing the database file including details like notes, time, date, weather, location etc.).

Step 3:

I downloaded the Sqlite browser (for opening the .db file) and ran it in which I selected the databases of mini diary (by default the database of the app itself was selected).

Step 4:

Copied each detail of my memories (note, time, date, location etc.) one by one and pasted onto Notepad (.txt file).

Step 5:

I transferred the .txt file to my Android phone.

Step 6:

Then, copied each memory from the .txt file and created new entries in the Private diary app. I already had pictures stored in my phone so I added them manually w.r.t each memory.

Step 7:

Finally, I backed up the newly created entries to the sdcard by the backup feature in the Private diary app itself.

Mission accomplished.

Memo app for custom/stock ROMs

As far as the Samsung Memo app has been concerned, it has been successfully ran on the CyanogenMod, MIUI and AOKP custom ROMs by removing its requirement for Samsung Touchwiz. The working app is available for downloading here.


4 comments on “Diary and Note for CM9/CM10/AOKP/MIUI/Stock Android ROMs

  1. NaiX
    December 15, 2012

    thank you so much… this was very helpful.. spent whole day trying to figure out how to recover my sister’s dairy after i flashed her phone with a custom rom..
    thanks again. you’re a life saver..

    • rubiriz
      December 15, 2012

      You’re welcome NaiX!
      I’m glad that my post helped you 🙂

  2. nicolas (@phoenixdance)
    December 30, 2012

    is there similar but for non rooted device?

    • rubiriz
      January 4, 2013

      I didn’t really get your question.
      The only app mentioned here which doesn’t work on non-rooted phones is Titanium backup, rest of the ones doesn’t require an access to root directory!

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