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My favourite Symbian^1 apps

There are some awesome Symbian^1 (formerly S60v5) apps on my Nokia X6 phone that I can’t live without. So, I thought to share my top list with you guys.

1. uQuran

It is the best application out there which is available in both free and paid versions.


2. WordPress

Fortunately, there is a version of this app for the Symbian devices as well. It is a free app.

It requires Qt to run.


3. Qt

The most important thing to install in your Symbian phone is Qt since nowadays every other app requires it to be installed in order to run.


Ot Mobilty

4. Fring

This is the best app for VOIP calls and is available free of cost.


5. Talking Cat

The famous Talking Tom Cat app from Android and iOS has been made for the Symbian devices as well though not by the same developer.

It requires Qt to run.

Talking Cat

6. LCG PhotoBook

I find this app to be so much better than the stock Gallery app of Nokia X6.

LCG PhotoBook

7. Gmail

Google secretly pulled away the Java version of Gmail app and never bothered to make a Symbian version. The app was so cool and handy on the Java phones. Luckily, I have found it on the Internet, although the touchscreen users need to disable the on-screen buttons in order to enjoy the fullscreen experience.


8. Talking Jay

I had always loved the Talking Carl app for iOS and searched the Internet for an Android version but never found any. By luck I eventually came across this Symbian app and was so much thankful to the developer.

It requires Qt to run.

Talking Jay

9. UnRAR and Zip Manager

Other most important tools required in a Symbian device are the decompression tools for both .rar and .zip files.

Free UnRAR

Zip Manager

10.  Alternate Reader

Another essential requirement of a phone is to open PDF files free of cost.

Alternate Reader

11. smsBlocker

An excellent app to block the texts from undesirable people.


12. Conversation

Messaging is no fun without the conversation mode which is absent in Nokia X6. A smart developer has extracted the conversation app from Sony Ericsson Vivaz that is compatible with all S60v5 phones, though it doesn’t integrate with the stock Messaging and also lacks kinetc scrolling. BUT hey! It enables conversation style and is also free of cost.


13. Brightlight

In my country the electricity is usually out most of the times, especially at night and with a surprise which is why a cellphone torch is always required.


14. July and UC Player

The stock media player of Nokia X6 only supports the playback of certain video formats and of low resolution. These two good players can play almost any video format on Symbian.

July Player

UC Player

15. Best ScreenSnap

A great app for taking screenshots of your phone which comes in quite handy.

Best ScreenSnap

16. Handy Safe

The cool app for saving the account details or other secret stuff on your phone.

Handy Safe

17. Lioland Expense Manager

A very useful app for recording all your expenses.

Lioland Expense Manger

18. Gravity

The best Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare client for Symbian phones.


19. Free iSMS

The best app for threaded sms together with the preview similar to the Messaging app for iPhones.

Free iSMS

20. YouTube Downloader

An app that lets you search and download videos from Youtube.

Youtube Downloader

21. Click To Lock

I really like this app since it gives an on-screen option to lock the Homescreen by just a click because the lock/unlock slider in Nokia phones is kind of annoying.

Click to Lock

22. SymSMB

A very powerful and useful app for transferring files from PC to phone and phone to PC through a Wifi connection without using the USB cable again and again. It automatically scans and detects the wireless networks so no need to configure networks manually.


23. Evernote

A good news for Evernote users is that there’s a beta release of Evernote for the Nokia phones as well in addition to Android, iPhone, Web etc apps.


P.S: For those who are wondering why they are getting the certificate error when installing certain apps, please hack your phones first by Hack It app.


One comment on “My favourite Symbian^1 apps

  1. josibrennerontheweb
    August 27, 2012

    Very nice App list! I would Winamp, i love the classic style, and PowerAmp. Viber is also very cool.

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