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MIUI on Galaxy I9003 SL


[ROM][4.1.2] MIUI V5 3.6.7 for Samsung Galaxy SL

from June, 2013

The Chinese MIUI (pronounced as me-you-i) ROM became the talk of the Android developing world when a mobile phone company Xiaomi Tech released its custom ROMs for Android phones. MIUI is designed to give the phones both a refreshing and features-rich look. Its UI at some points look slightly similar to the UI of iOS but its way more colourful than that. There are hundreds of extremely beautiful themes available free of cost which can turn your phone to look like any phone you want in just a minute (of course only from inside). For instance The Ultimate iPhone theme can change the whole look to an iPhone or the MiSense theme will make the phone just like HTC Sensation from the inside. Also, if you are just interested in changing the theme of lockscreen (with/withoout wallpaper) and messaging only instead of the complete makeover then you can do that too separately.

This ROM is officially available for the famous smartphones only although many smart developers have now managed to unofficially avail this beautiful ROM to several other Android devices as well.

Charmed by its looks I decided to give it a try on my Galaxy SL phone. About two months ago, I downloaded and installed the MIUI v11 (GB) ROM, which was developed by our genius Russian brother, The Frankenstain (and no it’s not his real name) from XDA forum. Since Gingerbread is the last official ROM for Galaxy SL, that ROM was initially made on the basis of Gingerbread and was extremely buggy with the worst battery life ever. I had to recharge my phone twice in a single day. I wanted to take some screenshots and write a review about it but the whole experience was so horrible that just after 24 hours I reverted back to my official stable Gingerbread ROM without any reviewing.

Later, I happened to come across the new MIUI ROM based on the CyanogenMod 9 which is also developed by the same guy. Since it is the combination of both MIUI and ICS , I downloaded and flashed this ROM without giving a second thought to it and I came to love every feature of it. You can take a peek at the screenshots that I took from my phone with the default theme.

MIUI Homescreen

You can easily add/remove widgets and apps.

This screenshot is with The Ultimate iPhone theme, just to give you guys an idea.

MIUI File Explorer

The beautiful file explorer of MIUI ROM is available as a separate app on the Internet as well. The built-in version was an old one so I downloaded and installed the new v3.04.

MIUI Settings

There are two types of options for Settings – the quick common and the advanced full.

MIUI Music

The MIUI music player is also available separately over the Internet.

MIUI Web Browser

MIUI Dialer and Messaging

MIUI Themes

The best of all, the MIUI theme chooser app is easy to use built-in app which lets you apply both the already present .mtz theme files in your /mnt/sdcard/MIUI/theme directory and the downloaded themes via it.

MIUI AppSwitcher

By simply pressing and holding the Home button you can switch between the currently using or recently used apps. Its a great tool for freeing up the RAM too.

MIUI Toggles

MIUI Lockscreen

If you touch the on-screen lock you will get 4 options to either go to Dialer, Camera, Messaging or simply to unlock the screen. If you don’t like your current Lockscreen or its wallpaper, you can easily change it manually.

MIUI Camera

Many thanks to the Dhiru guy from XDA forum who fixed the video recording bug in CyanogenMod 9 for Galaxy SL. The Camera, Video Recording plus Panorama. Sorry about the lame screenshots.

MIUI About

Last but not the least the About page including the details of the ROM, storage and phone model. There are further options also present about determining the current status of the phone.


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