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Latex Editors for writing thesis and articles

The most important tool required while writing a thesis or an article is a text editor. Majority of the people prefer office suites such as  Microsoft Office, Open Office, Libre Office etc. since these provide automatic formatting and are generally easy to use but its also mainly because their computer skills are not intermediate enough to handle or even to know about the existence of Latex editors. On the other hand, the advanced or shall I say the Pro users enjoy complicating their writing experience by creating .tex files through Latex editors. There are a number of .tex editors available on the Internet both free of cost and paid but mostly costless such as MiKteX, Vim, TexMaker, TexLive, WinEdt etc.

In my case, an ideal Latex editor possess 3 qualities:

  • Auto-completion of the codes
  • PDF-building feature
  • Nice UI

Below mentioned editors have been personally used by me so keep in mind that there are other great tools available as well.

Latex editors for Windows (XP/7/8)

1. MiKteX:

It is the most recommended software for both beginners and advanced users which has almost all the features of good Latex editor. For those who don’t know about code auto-completion property in MiKteX, can try pressing the Tab key.

2. TexMaker:

This Latex tool has a very beautiful UI and has all three properties of an ideal editor except for the fact that the PDF building feature doesn’t really works with my Windows 7/8, which I have no idea why.

3. WinEdt:

Another Latex software especially designed for Windows is the WinEdt 7 tool which is free for a month but after which, an annoying popup about unregistered version keeps on appearing. I personally don’t like it since it has no PDF building property.

Latex editors for Linux (Ubuntu/Mint/OpenSUSE/others)

1. TexMaker:

My most favorite editor on Ubuntu is the TexMaker with its auto-code-completion, PDF builded output and a very smoothing UI.

2. MiKteX:

Just like the Windows version, it works efficiently on Linux as well.

Latex editor for Android

1. VerbTex Latex Editor:

It is a cool app for creating or editing .tex documents on your Android phones or Tabs. The codes are already present in new templates and this app is also coupled with the PDF building ability. It is available both free of cost as well as a commercial app in the Google Play Store.


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