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Best Camera apps for Android

When ever we have some good times in our lives (sometimes even the weird ones), we can’t help ourselves but to preserve those precious moments in the form of visual graphics. This way we can keep our moments safe with ourselves no matter where we go or how much the time passes by. These memories are always there with us for flashing back later in order to bring smile to our faces or laughter in case one is a keeper.

Besides the memories, Photography of the beautiful nature and scenery is a hobby as well.

There are two basic requirements for Photography:

a) a nice high megapixel Camera

b) nice Camera apps for adding amazing effects and frames to the pictures

Top Camera Apps for Android devices:

i) Camera360 Ultimate

It is one of the best camera app for Android out there with a number of cool filters like HDR, Retro, Funny, Mirror, Ghost effects etc along with interesting scenes (backgrounds). The best part is that its completely free.

ii) Pixlr-o-matic

This app is similar to the Camera360 app but greater effects and a different UI. Also, this app is too free of cost.

iii) Cartoon Camera

This app makes every living thing into Cartoons which makes it good for making your own comics. Its available as both free lite and paid pro versions.

iv) Fast Burst Camera

It is a very useful app especially when you are taking photos of little children or some actions. You can take greater than 10 pictures in just one second depending upon how many times you can touch the onscreen Camera button in a second, although you can also switch to automatic capture mode. I believe it can come handy in Stop Motion Animations. This app is also available free as well as paid.

v) Paper Camera

This very app is similar to the Cartoon app although the effects are more paper-like than cartoons! In addition to taking paper photos, you can also make the whole video which is a bonus point, although this is a paid app which is not available as a free lite or even trial app.


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