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CyanogenMod on Galaxy I9003 SL


[ROM][4.4.4] CyanogenMod 11 for Samsung Galaxy SL

from July, 2015

If you have been an Android user for a long time and also into customizing your Handy then CyanogenMod is nothing new to you. It is basically a community made up of a bunch of smart developers that dedicate a part of their precious time in developing custom Android ROMs for the people who are hell bored with their not-so-cool and limited stock Android ROMs. In addition to the beautiful UI with an array of tons of themes, CyanogenMod ROM also adds a couple of useful features like Restart option, built-in Screenshot capability etc. In fact these are based on the very latest versions of Android that haven’t been available for a large group of old Android devices.

Even though Jelly Beans is available now for the latest devices, still my Galaxy i9003 SL phone hasn’t received the official update of Ice cream Sandwich because Samsung people are way too much busy in launching their new Galaxy devices and so they don’t bother or have any concern about the slightly old phones. Therefore, one can enjoy the delights of Ice cream Sandwich via the custom CyanogenMod ROM but again the problem of device limitation ruins it. CyanogenMod people just like Samsung people only work on the most popular phones. This is so not fair. I mean, I do admit the fact that Galaxy SL is a variant phone of Galaxy S and Galaxy SII but still!

Fortunately, there are still some noble gentleman on the planet XDA which haven’t forgotten about Galaxy SL. They have created an awesome custom ROM based on the Ice cream Sandwich which is installed in the new Galaxy SIII phone. This is so cool, right? The ROM is called Remix ICS a.k.a RemICS-UX. Now the old Android devices can have a bite of the beautiful UI of Touchwiz UX, video supporting Gtalk, S Voice, better battery life and so much more! The stupid lack of video recording just slightly bitters the experience but no worries on that because the Videocam Illusion app (downloadable from the Google Play Store) can remove this problem to some extent.

The updated v1.6 supports Video recording though with low resolution.

Have a look at some screenshots that I took.

1. The beautiful Homescreen with widgets

2. The Apps tab of Touchwiz UX launcher

3. The Widget tab of Touchwiz UX launcher

4. The clean simple Lockscreen

5. The Power options including Screenshot feature

So, what do you think, this is awesome or what?


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