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Things I learned about WordPress blogging

Last week when I was searching the Google Play Store for blogging apps I found three good apps: Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger. Since I had my blog on the Blogger website, I firstly downloaded its official app but uninstalled it after a few minutes because I didn’t like it. I searched the details about Tumblr and WordPress on the internet and found that they both are quite competitive with one another. The latest comments on the Google Play Store gave quite a bad impression of Tumblr’s official Android app. Therefore, I installed the WordPress app. It required login details so I had to make a WordPress blogging account. After I signed in, I saw a really cool UI and immediately feel in love with it. It really motivated me to start blogging seriously.

I finally opened my WordPress blog from PC (as bigger display screen makes it easier for the newbies) and selected the Suburbia theme which is so beautiful with so many pictures in the cover page. I wrote one post then another, then another and later on ended up in writing 6 posts.

But being new at it, I didn’t realize in the beginning that in addition to writing the title and the body text, it is also important to categorize the posts, tag and read them twice in the preview mode before publishing. I also became pretty upset when I didn’t find any pictures on my cover page, although later on I figured about the featured images by reading other bloggers’ posts. I have now made a list of helpful things to be considered while blogging in the WordPress site.

Checklist for efficient WordPress blogging:

1. Write the title of the post (as if you are 5 LOL).

2. Select the categories which suits the best.

3. Insert tags.

4. Write the actual text content.

a. insert hyperlinks

b. insert pictures/other media

c. insert featured image

Each post has its own featured image that is displayed in the cover/main blog page along with a slight preview of its post. You can make your post’s featured image by the same way you insert pictures in your post except that you click the option of “use image as featured” rather than the option of “Insert into post”. Another important thing that I learned from the other bloggers is that for this thumbnail preview (in Suburbia theme), the featured image of the regular posts should be around 155 x 109 pixels. I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to resize the pictures.


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