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My favourite diary apps on Android

When I was a little girl, I remember my cousins (male) making fun of a cousin (female) of mine on her habit of writing everyday stuffs in her personal diary. I grew up with the believe that only stupid girls keep diaries. After becoming a young adult, I realized that I should have made one for myself when I was in my teens.

Benefits of writing in diary/journal: 

1. It’s like a virtual friend to whom you secretly let your heart out without anyone knowing about your actual feelings. This helps in feeling much lighter and better than before.

2. You get to have a record of all the stuff you did.

3. It helps in flashing back your sweet memories.

4. The details about the consequences of bad experiences gives you a lesson about not doing the same stupid stuff again.

5. It helps you to let go of the grudges because later when you read it, you realize that you actually immaturely let your feelings control you rather than giving an intellectual thought to it.

But the thing is that having a physical diary/journal is quite a difficult task. Papers becomes brown and dusty as the time passes by. In addition, the non-human book-worms (LOL) also get to have their favourite snack and the best hiding place in the world. The limited pages in the multiple journals and the heavy volumes also are quite challenging to store in a safe place.

Being an alternative, Penseive from the Harry Potter books and movies is a pretty cool object to store and review back the memories in 6D but one little fact about it remains universal; IT DOESN’T EXIST IN THE REAL WORLD!!!!! Although, the videos can serve kind of like a penseive, you cannot make a movie about every stuff you ever did or do because you are not Justin Bieber. So, the best thing is to have a digital diary/journal in your phone or PC.

Diary/Journal Apps for Android: 

There are quite a lot of personal note-taking or diary apps available for the Android devices. Among them, I have three favourites.

1. Mini diary:

Its a stock app that came with my Samsung Galaxy SL phone. It is also available on every official Samsung Galaxy firmware (with some other firmwares too I guess). It feels just like having a colourful scrapbook while using it since it has features like adding notes, big pictures, date and time, location, the weather at that time and if in case you feel like sharing them with your friends then you can also publish your desired memory on Facebook and MySpace.

One problem which forces the people not to regularly use it as their default diary app is the lack of keeping the backups of your entries. What these people don’t know is the power of Titanium Backup app (requires rooted phone) by which you can make a backup of all the data.


2. Springpad:(discontinued)

This is the all in one solution for keeping records of everything. It can keep notes, pictures, audio, to-do lists etc. It serve as a diary, a scrapbook, a journal and many other stuff.

You can download the app file from here, it won’t sync via the internet though. A close alternative can be the Evernote app.


3. Moment Diary

If you are interested in writing about your daily routine (I mean, writing at every hour, what you did in the previous hour or writing at night what you did in the day), this one is nice. It lets you record your memo w.r.t time and days and you can additionally attach pictures and backup your data!

4. Diaro

A new app that I have been loving recently is the free Diaro app. I love it’s interface and the fact that it also has a calendar. You can add notes, time, date, location, pictures and tags. Plus, you can backup the database and media on your phone as well as on Dropbox. There’s a Pro version with other cloud sync as well.

Screenshot_2015-11-13-20-30-02 Screenshot_2015-11-14-11-53-16

See! Having a diary can be so cool!


2 comments on “My favourite diary apps on Android

  1. smartwidgets
    July 24, 2012

    thase are very interesting apps!

  2. smartwidgets
    July 24, 2012

    Reblogged this on Smart Widgets and commented:
    If you like to write, or make all these little notes about everything and anything. You have to get one of these diary apps!

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