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Linux and Me

Windows OS is the primary and permanent solution to everyday computing stuff when it comes to a user-friendly interface but what it lacks is “the cool looks”. Although, many themes and customizing tweaks are available on the internet, majority of them burden the RAM, make the PC quite laggy and permanently change the system files (unless backup had been done before applying). If you are interested in having an OS loaded with a cool desktop, taskbar, explorer etc. and together with better speed, then Linux is for you.

Pros of Linux:

1. Its free of cost.

2. It has fresh looks

3. There are tons of distributions from which you can select the one that suits you. There’s even one for little kids. How cute!

4. Easy and fast installation.

5. Good for making others to think that you’re smart.

6. Can be easily customized to look like Macintosh OS X.

7. And many more.

Cons of Linux:

1. Its difficult to install application softwares in it since the knowledge about Terminal (similar to Command in Windows) is required. However, the Software packages included in the setup makes it pretty easy to install apps.

2. Not all the distributions are capable of dual-booting with Windows so be careful with that.

Linux – My love:

Charmed by its looks I decided to install Linux as my secondary OS while having Windows XP as my primary OS (at that time Windows 7 was in beta). I finally chose the Mint distribution. Back then, Gloria was the latest version, so I downloaded and installed it easily in my Windows XP.

The whole minty (LOL) experience was quite awesome. I installed most of the apps through the Software Manager while the unavailable apps required the use of Terminal. By the help of various blogs and forum posts, I was also able to install the .tar setup files. This made me over confident and I thought that if I can handle one Linux, handling another wouldn’t be that much of a deal. Unsurprisingly, I was wrong about that.

Linux – My Nightmare:

Mint is actually a debian based distribution of Linux. Its quite user friendly like Ubuntu and is sometimes recommended for the beginners. Not only it can be dual-booted with any other OS but it can also be installed in the same partition where Windows is pre-installed. On the other hand, the Linux distributions such as OpenSUSE etc. are pretty arrogant. The version of OpenSUSE I used wasn’t dual-bootable (however, now I see people posting about dual-booting it :@). It crashed all of my 4 partitions. I even had 2 backup Windows installed in my laptop and all were gone.

By the way, I normally have 3 Windows installed in my laptop and yes, I am a crazy person who loves experimenting with her laptop and phones no matter how many times I corrupt my Windows (XP and 7) or brick my phones (Andriod, Symbian and Java).


At first I inserted the Windows XP installation CD. To my greatest horror, the system didn’t detected the CD and all I could see was a black screen. I handled the situation quite professionally; I cried and cried and cried till late night and thought that my life was completely over (OK! I am a little drama queen).

When I woke up in the morning, the idea of inserting the Linux installation CD came to me (Thank God, the Linux guys make Live CDs) and it worked like a charm. During the installation process, I observed the setup files making a single partition using my whole ROM volume. At that point I got a little relieved and after completion of the process, I inserted my XP installation CD and finally it was detected. I then formatted the Linux partition and installed XP in a new partition. Later on, I used the Partition Magic software to make 4 partitions of my hard drive. Phew!

Since then, I never looked back at Linux. No, wait I actually did because the looks of Ubuntu 12 are way cool to be ignored.


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