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Install a .zip Android theme

If you ever get a chance to go through different Android forums, you will be surprised to see the Theme section loaded with so many beautiful themes. These themes come in two categories – themes that are made to work with certain launchers like Go Launcher Ex, ADW.Launcher etc., while the others work alone.

The launcher themes are mostly preferred as they can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store (I really liked calling it Android Market; Google had to ruin it). Besides, these just work as an app so if you are temporary bored with them you can easily switch to your stock theme or any other. In case you are completely tired of them, just uninstall them from the stock Task Manager. These apps just change the look of your launcher so no permanent change to the phone is done. You don’t even need to root your phone in order to enjoy them.

The other themes, mostly available in the .zip format, work quite differently and they require a rooted phone. They not only change the theme of stock launcher but the entire theme of the phone along with adding certain bonus features. These changes are permanent so in order to revert back, you have to flash the stock ROM again unless you already did a Nandroid backup before flashing the theme. The installation of such themes is quite a critical task unless your ROM is fully compatible.

Previously, I wasted great amount of time searching the internet to figure out why am I not able to install any of these themes. None of the people at Android forums were able to solve my problem. I was hell crazy about having the Ice cream Sandwich theme but no matter how much I tried, it was all in vain. Then I found various clues from different suggestions and FINALLY was able to install that theme.

What I was doing WRONG: 

I had rooted my phone with the compatible version of CF-Root when I updated to Gingerbread 2.3.4 using Odin. Later, when finally I updated to Gingerbread 2.3.6 using Samsung Kies, I used SuperOneClick app to root my phone. I then installed the ROM Manager app from the market but it was pretty useless. Also, I had placed the file in the sdcard instead of external_sdcard. Whenever I tried to flash the file (ICStheme) from the sdcard in the recovery mode, I got the “E: signature verification failed” error. The geeks suggested to use the “toggle signature verification” option in the CWM recovery and I was like “I DON”T SEE ANY OPTION LIKE THAT” in the recovery mode. Also, it was suggested to use the CWM app instead of ROM Manager app but I didn’t have any CWM app nor I could find it on the internet.

How I made it RIGHT:

1. I downloaded the latest version of CF-Root.tar file for my XXKPQ ROM and flashed it using Odin from my PC. This automatically installed the CWM app (Thank God! Finally!).

2. I opened the CWM app and selected the backup option. This made my phone to enter the recovery mode and it started making the backup of my ROM and the installed apps.

Note: The CWM app only works with the external_sd so you require a memory card. Also, make sure to have a minimum of 70% battery level.

3. Then, I downloaded the file (compatible to my XXKPQ ROM) and placed in the external_sdcard (memory card) along with the .zip theme file.

4. I entered into CWM recovery through the CWM app and selected the “install zip from sdcard” then “toggle signature” option to disable the verification, then again through the Home button selected the “choose zip from sdcard”. Firstly, I chose the “ file” to flash and then I flashed the (theme file).

5. I restarted the phone and finally after so many trials, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

Although, I kind of liked the theme better in the pictures. No offence to the developer in any way; I really appreciate his selfless hard work. Its just that the screenshots gave a more magical look than the actual thing, probably because of the other tweaks that he did to his phone.


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