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Turn Android phone to look like iPhone

Who doesn’t love the beautiful interface of the iOS? I know I do, but it clearly doesn’t lessens my feelings for my Android phone. Most of the people think that iPhone is superior to Android phones. What these people don’t realize is that the Android OS is as much capable of performing the cool stuff as the iOS. It is also true that in terms of looks the iPhone UI is pretty awesome but one cannot change it unless the phone is jailbroken. On the other hand the Android users enjoy the luxury of changing their UI and can make their phones look like Windows Phone or iPhone from inside without even rooting their phones. Also these Android phones are quite affordable too.

I would love to mention one thing (quite unrelated) here that a cousin of mine is such an iPhone fanboy that he keeps bragging about his iPhone 3GS all the time. When I asked him what’s so special about it, he replied that iPhone has apps and we can read ebooks on it and I was all like “LOL”. I mean seriously, my Nokia phone can even do that. I believe the reason why most of the people buy iPhone is just to show off. My younger brother also is usually showing off that how cool his iPod Touch is and how my Galaxy SL phone is of no match. I am not criticizing all of the Apple products; I think iPad 2 is a lot better than the Android tablets (although not in any way better than the Asus Google Nexus 7 for sure) but iPhone is just overrated.

Anyways, I was quite bored with my stock Android launcher so I thought that why don’t I turn the looks of my Android to iOS. For that reason I downloaded and installed some applications.

My phone: Samsung GT-i9003 SL

Firmware: Gingerbread 2.3.6   ROM: XXKPQ

1. iLauncher

It’s an amazing app which mimics the iPhone stock launcher with the square-shaped icons, the dock at the bottom, the search tile, the folders and lots of other features.


2. Wallpaper

After installing the launcher, another important task is to change the background of it. The raindrops wallpaper gives a soothing look.

3. iPhone Lockscreen

The lockscreen should also be changed in order to give a new look. Magic Locker is a great app for changing the stock Android lockscreen. Install this main app and then install its iphone theme.


4. Smart Keyboard

This is a great keyboard app which has an iPhone theme.

5. Boat Browser

The best thing about this browser is that it allows the users to select which ever user agent they want. I use the iPhone agent. It is so real that the websites think that I am using an iOS when I am totally not.


6. iPhone Notifications

The notifications feature on iPhone looks so cool. Good news for Android users is that we can also have the same feature by downloading this notifications app.

These are the changes that I did to my phone. Besides them, one can install the cool MIUI music player and many other apps that look exactly like the stock iPhone apps.


3 comments on “Turn Android phone to look like iPhone

  1. AndroidResearch
    March 30, 2012

    Instead of having a “fake iphone”, find what’s awsome about Android and be proud of it.
    And people who baught an iphone just to show off, leave them in peace, they paid money for this. 😉

    • rubiriz
      March 31, 2012

      Don’t worry I always leave them in peace and don’t say anything to their faces. It’s just that I don’t like it when they make fun of Android phones.
      75% of the reason I went for a fake iPhone was to show them that “Hey, for what stuff you are so proud about your iPhone? See my phone can also look like that! No biggie!”
      There will be other posts as well which will tell how cool is to be an Android user. Btw, the feature of Android to turn into any other phone is a pretty awesome thing and not a negative thing.

      • Romano G.
        April 20, 2012

        I totally agree with the author. I have shut up a lot of iPhone users by showing ilauncher then showing 7 launcher with semi transparent tiles and koi screensaver, mx launcher with the coffee and watch, lightning 3 launcher and go launcher ex with gold Droid theme.

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